Phlebotomy Training Classes

If you’re looking to plow your way into the medical field and become financially stable even in a failing economy Phlebotomy training might be for you. Currently Phlebotomy is one of the fastest growing jobs in the medical community. Often times jobs for phlebotomist, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Medical Assistants are in high demand. The great thing about these professions is not only are they in high demand, they pay well, and they take very little time and energy to become educated in their particular fields.

Phlebotomy training often times takes only 15 weeks. Only 15 weeks and you could be well on your way to consistent, well paying employment. The Phlebotomy classes often times require the candidate to work at least 200 hours in a clinical setting. During this time you will be taught different ways, and skills in order to competently perform venipuncture on a patient. Often times to become a certified phlebotomist you will also need 100 venipuncture. In most cases it is quite easy to get your 100 ipunctures before the 200 clinical hours are up.

Phlebotomy certification is perfect for anyone that want to get their foot in the door in the medical arena. I have known many Nurses who have put themselves through school as a phlebotomist. The patient interaction that you will receive from your phlebotomy training will be priceless if you are thinking of furthering your career as an RN or even a doc. Do your homework and decide what phlebotomy program will be best for you.

Lastly check out, they have a lot of good links for agencies that are offering phlebotomy training, and will often help you find ways to get phlebotomy training.